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RU Rah Rah

I saw you... most beautiful day ever. Took a walk through the College Ave dorms and I swear it was like a commercial for the best college in the world. People jamming, playing catch, and just hanging out. I love this place.


stealing from the dining hall

like this if you enjoy stealing food, silverware, napkins, and ketchup bottles from the dining halls as much as we do. tupperware > busch dining hall



I saw you... stereotypical rutgers girls around campus. you and your blackberries, coach purses, fake blonde hair, horrid rap music, and stupid ugg boots. Hitting up and getting screwed by any guy that talks to you at parties after having a million drinks. you all make me disgusted to be a female student at rutgers. let alone america.


Re: Single and lonely. Lookin for a good time =)

Did you really just post your number on here?? You must be quite desperate, or a guy who's pretending to be a girl lol.


People Who Don't Party

I saw you... people who go to class and return to your dorms or off-campus housing without thinking about de-stressing on Thursday. People who have Friday classes and always show up. People who have never had a sip of liquor while on campus. People whose lives might be boring, but they don't need to poison their bodies to get over it. People who can't function in those hot, dark, and muggy frat houses. People like me. What's up?



I saw you... Everyone who has had a bad year, there is still hope. I spent my first semester at Rutgers-Newark before transferring to New Brunswick.I got into several fights there because i was white in a predominantly African American City. I got really depressed, My GPA was hit hard by my experience, I was put on probation by the Business school. I transferred to New Brunswick the Following Semester. I didn't get housing, Had to commute 1 hr and 20 minutes to Rutgers 5 days a week. I got into a car accident on the day of an exam, got a bad grade and lost my phone. I made every conservative effort to get help with school. Now that the semester is over I can breathe a sigh of relief. I had a bad year, but I'm not giving up. So to next semester and getting an apartment. My future is bright. I will not give up my dreams because of ONE BAD YEAR.



I saw you... like this post if you did not go to Rutgersfest today... I didn't go, I don't know why, it's kind of making me feel bad now.. I would just like to know that others are out there that didn't go.. thanks.


Red Lion Cafe

I saw you...Bum, black homeless guy with glasses. DITTO! Especially because of mid terms. Just walk up and shut off the TV and see what he tries to do about it.


Red Lion Cafe

I saw you...Bum, black homeless guy with glasses. If you so much as look at my gf I will break your neck! GET OUT!


Tillet Dining Hall

I heard you...3 asian girls sitting (right) behind me in Tillet saying I look disgusting over and over again. I felt like turning around and telling you that I heard you but decided it would be better not to. Making fun of someone, especially in a non-joking manner and to someone you don't know, is very rude and immature. I just hope you guys learn to use discretion next time and maybe keep your unkind comments to yourselves. Learn to love everyone around you and you may start to realize the happiness that comes with it.

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