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Re: Front of the H Bus From College Ave to Busch

think that might have been me. are you an asian guy?


so long, so long

I saw you... boy that lives at rut year round. summer is unfortunately the saddest season. i'll love you more than you could ever know, until august 28th when i can show you just how much every day. ;)


The bat cave, though not at livingston currently

I saw you...first year of rutgers, as you left my life forever. I want to thank you for all the friends I made, for all the things I experienced, and for showing me life, good and bad. You changed me. I am not the scared little girl I was was I got here. Now I'm grown up. I'm ready to take on anything. Til next year, Rutgers. I can't wait.


College ave

I saw you... girl who was under the tree by murray jumping around like a baboon. your jungleness inspires me to become tarzan and maybe find you one day in the jungle :)


at rockoff and nielson

I saw you... well built, light skinned black guy. you work at rockoff....and everytime i see you, we hold a gaze forever..why? was there anything you wanted to tell me? at all..


Psych book for sale

Anyone have dr. James for general psych in the fall? I have his looseleaf textbook in a binder with all lecture notes + studyguides. If you are interested in buying it let me know!


ONE BAD YEAR Follow-up

I saw you... Everyone supporting my post about my ONE BAD YEAR, I appreciate your support,this post was for everyone who had a not so stellar year. Please don't give up, we all have made mistakes or have been trampled upon. In the end it doesn't matter, It only matters if we lose ourselves in the process. So keep at it and you will realize your potential.


Easton Ave Apartments

I saw you, and I can't wait to live in you this summer!



I saw you... cheating on me. We're even now.


scoot hall 119 critical sex

I saw you... girl who thinks im ditzy in crit sex class using improper grammer so dumb

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