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I saw you... is there any one whose not fake left on campus?


Tainted Cakes @ Library

I saw you...Poison that homeless pervert at the Red Lion Cafe


From the guys that lived above you

I saw you... Girls that lived on the 1st floor, did you NEVER take out your garbage all year? Had to take out all the garbage last night and it was terrible. Ps, thanks for calling the cops on us all those times we had like 4 people over. btw, the washer/dryer was ours, but we hooked it up to YOUR elec all year!!


All over Rutgers

I saw you, college students who still don't know how to spell/use proper grammar. You are a college student, and should easily be able to spell stuff right or use the proper form of your (you're) or there (they're;their). It kind of makes me sick, just saying.



I saw you...Enormous ninja squirrel who stole a cherry tomato from some girl's salad from behind her back outside Brower and ran away with it over your head like you were a referee gesturing a field goal, but with a tomato instead of a football. She had no idea. You are my hero.


My gf

I saw you... baby. inside my girlfriend's tummy. We had planned to get married, but not so soon, but its okay. I will be the best dad for you! I love you.


Red Lion Cafe

I saw you...Re; Bum, black homeless guy with glasses. LOL



I saw you... whipped cream bandits stealing whipped cream the day before break.



I saw you... Thanks a lot for cleaning up the site


Rutgers NB

I really think they should cancel school/class tomorrow with foot of snow expected.

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