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29 loraine street

I saw you...Sexy Rain Dance Girl at the house party last night. You were going around that pole trying to dance away from me, and like some idiot I followed you around it, too. What are you running from girl? I don't bite.



Red Bandana kid. It looks like your 15 minutes of fame is up...



I saw you... Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.


reference room at alexander at 10 pm

I saw you...voldemort, the dark lord sitting in the reference room at alex. you looked so studious with your head phones on but you're probably just plotting ways to contact your fellow death eaters. i'm happy i got away from your dark magic while i still can.


TV Kills

I saw you... Olympics. It's probably why I'll fail my exams.



I saw you...site improvements. Well done!! :)


College Ave

I saw you...every guy who catcalled a girl walking home last night. Here's a little secret; the reason why you only have guys hanging around you is because all of the ladies are with guys who DON'T try to follow them as they walk home. If all of you could catch this small hint that women don't enjoy being called at by unattractive faces with unintelligent demeanors, the World would be a much happier place.



I saw you... girls who think they have the bodies to wear tight clothing and leggins...spare us all the visual of your cellulite. thanks



I saw you...beautiful sky. Incandescence has never taken the form of omnipresence as shown by you, sweet dear. But yet, your glorious glow, though warm to the soul, is veiled surreptitiously by wicked chill. Deceit.


fat black chicks

stop hootin and hollerin and making the take out line five thousand times longer on chicken night

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