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Voorhees Mall

I saw you... people who wore medals in graduation. what are they for/how did you get one of those?


the RAC

I saw you, Rutgers Engineering class of 2010. Great luck!!



I saw you... wanna be clooney, i feel bad for her, she has noooooo idea what shes in for. poor girl


Rutgers College Convocation

I saw you Eric Knecht! I really liked the speech you made and the humor you incorporated in it. Bravo! My family as well really liked your speech. Thanks for not putting the crowd and students to sleep and keeping us entertained. Keep up the good work and good luck in your life endeavors. Keep shining because you are a star. Also, I feel bad they messed up your name when reading your name! They called you Erica :/ How annoyed were you?! RUTGERS COLLEGE C/O 2010! =]



I saw you...is anyone still around this summer?



I saw you... Everyone who has had a bad year, there is still hope. I spent my first semester at Rutgers-Newark before transferring to New Brunswick.I got into several fights there because i was white in a predominantly African American City. I got really depressed, My GPA was hit hard by my experience, I was put on probation by the Business school. I transferred to New Brunswick the Following Semester. I didn't get housing, Had to commute 1 hr and 20 minutes to Rutgers 5 days a week. I got into a car accident on the day of an exam, got a bad grade and lost my phone. I made every conservative effort to get help with school. Now that the semester is over I can breathe a sigh of relief. I had a bad year, but I'm not giving up. So to next semester and getting an apartment. My future is bright. I will not give up my dreams because of ONE BAD YEAR.


records hall c-ave

I saw you... denise in records hall. most gorgeous girl i have ever seen at RU in 4 years here! -scoooop


records hall c-ave

I saw you...



I saw you... i need someone to take my spot in the newell apartments on cook for the following year of 2010-11. reply to this is interested. girls only.


Girls in the dorms

I saw you girl. Baby let me love you downnn There's so many ways to love ya Baby I can break you downnn There's so many ways to love ya I mean like, ooh myy gosh i'm soo in love.

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