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I saw you... cute m.p. Today was the first time we've ever talked. I had always wholeheartedly and deeply admired your smile as I used to pass you standing guard while we worked. Where did you keep disappearing to tonight?? I understand...you were being responsible so you needed to. If it weren't time for me to go, you would have fallen to be a victim of me asking you out sometime. Well, this was my one and only chance. Maybe we'll bump into each other again. Good luck with your NICU prospects.


Ginger on Cook

I saw you... Ginger on cook who lived in the newells. Ditch that girl from vorhees already what are you doing?!!? shes so ugly!



I saw you Spartacus....and now you are gone....farewell my love, until season 2....



I saw you...RU nursing students, i'm selling the textbook for Life Span if anyone's interested. 7th ed. Berger, looseleaf in binder, great condition!


Re: scarlet listeners

I saw you... From the website: "SCARLET LISTENERS WILL NOT BE IN SERVICE DURING THE SUMMER. Please call our sister organization. Contact We Care (908) 232 - 2880" Hope this helps =]



I saw you...house 15 quad I on wednesday night. im going to miss you.


your dorm

any big guys with dorm rooms want to get blown now that school is out?? hit me up.



Good luck class of 2010.


rutgers scarlet listeners

I saw you... anyone know the number for scarlet listeners and whether or not they are operating tonight? I could really use someone to talk to...


Mine Street

I saw you... sexy white boy outside theta chi with the redheaded girl. wish it was me you were walkin away with ;)

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