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to the graduating seniors out there

I saw you... fellow seniors about to leave the banks in a few weeks. I have a lot of regrets, and I am scared of what comes next. My parents met in college, so did most other married couples I know. I'm going to graduate in a few weeks and I've never really connected with someone. I'm scared that I'll never find you, the guy who will understand me more than I understand myself.



I saw you... Every 5 feet. You wear Northface Jackets, Uggs, Sweatpants, Big Sunglasses, and a Coach Bag. Your a robot and they designed your life...



Cautiously she stands in the bitter cold; the cascading street lights paint a beautiful silhouette of her form. They would be hard pressed to do anything but…and yet the cold is blind to her loveliness and she shivers as it runs to her bones. But she refuses warmth, solace, and any form of comfort. Her soft hair cascades gently over her eyes and she brushes it back, a struggle that remains, delightfully, unresolved. Occasionally a bystander could catch her smiling or rolling her eyes; even out of context her slight motions could only convey the most thrilling of beauties. She stands there and dances in place; jumping up and down; wrestling with the cold and her resolve. One could fill volumes attempting to describe her figure or the way her eyes shine as she smiles…one could fill volumes; and yet what is of more interest the ethereal nature of her outermost beauty or the wonder of her heart? This oh reader I would not endeavor upon answering for not since the time of Helen of Troy has


To the girl still sleeping on my bed from last night...

Please go.



so anyone else fb ppl they see on sakai under 'users'? lol


Americaville, USA

I saw you... middle school. i was chubby and my classmates were skinny. now, however, i'm jacked and all the kids that ripped on me are getting wider and wider. those fat sandwiches smell a lot like karma...



I saw you..Virgins. I have all the respect in the world for guys and girls that hang on to it until they're ready to lose it. Kudos, at times I wish I had done the same...And let's be honest, who would you rather sleep with? Somebody whose been around and could have something (which, sadly, is common on a college campus) or somebody who has a much better chance of being clean...In the end it's all a matter of opinion, but in my eyes the virgins win...


Somewhere between the stars

I saw you...boy I have met a lot of boys. I have met the nice ones, the shy ones The nice and shy ones The perverted ones (Of course, those cross all categories) The outgoing, the religious The studious The ones with the bad jokes The charmers The heart breakers The ones that aren’t interested,or interesting The ones that cared, but were too complicated The ones that my parents would find perfect The ones your parents warned you about The ones that liked the same exact poems that I do The ones that seemed perfect The ones that were just friends But then there was one Who I shared a meal with And I didn’t expect him to talk the way he did But he did, and we connected, As human beings, as friends. I am glad you were the one that was different, And we shared that moment in time. It feels glorious, thanks for the laughter, the connection, A person as free as you deserves better poetry, But you have inspired the very being that I am, Boy who unexpectedly met all expectations, filled all void, you have changed my life forever, stay fly.



I saw you... people who always check this site hoping to see a post about them but it never happens. i dedicate this one to YOU! (screw RBK and neck piercing kid and those other well knowns)


Crying in Your Dorm Room

I saw you... depressed college students everywhere. It's all in your head. You can all pull yourself out of it. I used to be suicidal myself and today, I've never felt more loved and fulfilled. Each day, do something for yourself and for someone else; strictly out of love. You're all beautiful to me. I mean it.

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