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I saw you...Rutgers...on Wednesday, but not since then =(...I miss you so much.


Cook Campus Driving

I saw you... girls who were being retarded and wouldn't get out of our way on Cook. Your car actually looked pretty decent. Too bad you must have forgot that you're a girl and can't drive.


North Tower I'm sure you all know who

I saw you... well actually i didn't see you north tower girl room 813 when you packed up and left all us men drooling for you. We couldn't even say goodbye. I was saddened by the empty room. Hope you will have a great summer and I wish to run into you in a brazilian style bikini at the beach. I will be carrying around lotion and a towel in case that happens.


near I's cafe

I saw you... If anyone is looking for a place to live next year, I got an apartment on Easton. Rent would be under 400 per month. shameless plug, but i need 1 more roommate pronto (before june).


Any Hot White Guys Still Around? I'm on Douglass.

Any hot guys still around Rutgers who would like to hook up today? I have the place to myself for a while. Come see me? Only hot white guys. You Must be attractive :)



I saw you freshmen on my floor of the North Tower, throwing away the most awesome stuff. Thanks for the huge fan, drawers, and vacuum cleaner! Free stuff is awesome!


Physiological Psychology Book

I saw you... anyone who wants to buy my Physiology of Behavior book for the Phys. Psychology course. Hit me up.


College Ave

I saw you... golf clubs. I found some clubs on College Avenue, if you left them tell me where you left them, what kind they are, and how many there are, I'll try to meet up with you to give them back.


Stars and Mars Facebook

I saw you... Stars and Mars on facebook, its nice to know that Rutgers gay community has such talent!!!


Busch Campus

I saw you...and met you just two days before the semester was over...I wish I had met you sooner, you're awesome Thanks for the help, I think I Aced that exam :D

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