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I am in love with you.

Dear the love of my life, I miss you more than I could ever put to words. I try to play it cool but it tears me in to pieces inside. I'm absolutely crazy about you and it hurts so bad to feel like this. I would give anything in the world to make you mine again, and to just hold you close to me and kiss your forehead. You make me feel like such a better person inside and out, and when you're gone I feel like a huge piece of myself is missing. Everything I see reminds me of you, and everything I want to say I feel like only you would understand. It's as if we're always on the same track. I've never felt what we have with anyone before, not even my closest friends. You're the only person I could ever put all my trust in, and I really mean that from the bottom of my heart. I love you more than anything, and I hope you never read this. Just know, I will always be here for you.



Good luck class of 2010.


I'm Sorry Rutgers

I'm sorry to all the kids i've made fun of via this site. I used to post sightings of people who may not look or act normal that i've noticed around campus. After being put into a small group with one such person i now see he is actually a pretty cool kid. I'm sorry for judging books by their covers.


Dance Marathon

I saw you... ZTA sitting in the girls locker room like 80% of the time during dance marathon. i was very happy yet confused to hear that you guys didn't raise the most money. i guess when it comes to winning derby days and paying for your obscenely high dues your daddy's would gladly reach into their pockets. But when it comes to helping children with cancer the cause just doesn't seem worth it. way to go.


center round table at brower

I saw you...sigma chi fellow who always wears those tight t-shirts...the ones with the low v-neck because I can see your 3 strands of chest hair wafting out. My favorite one is the royal purple one with the condom pocket...maybe we can use that condom together? On the salad bar? I would love if you got shredded carrots in my chest hair. I think you might be gay...but if you're not then i'll just feel like a silly goose. Feel free to post back if you're lookin for a good time ;)


Bigger girls need love too

More cushion for the pushin'! I swear I don't have B.O. or a house full of cats. But I could impress you with my expansive knowledge of pop culture and my ability to differentiate between "your" and "you're". No? Nobody? Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries.



I saw you... cutie that lived in Rockoff fall semester. I'm assuming you moved out for the Spring. You used to hang out with the kids that would skateboard in front I think. What's your name and are you single!!



I saw you... girl with two eyes, one nose, and one mouth. I believe she had 32 teeth. She had hair on her head and two eyebrows. She also had two arms and I believe I counted 10 fingers. I also remember seeing 2 legs. I don't know how many toes she had becuase she had shoes on. She was also wearing a shirt and pants.


Kitty on College Ave.

I saw you... skinny black and white cat as I walked out of Murray. I was trying to get you to be comfortable around me so that I could take care of you. I wish I hadn't scared you off. I have tuna in my room if you're ever hungry. I'll be there next Saturday morning for class..just let me love you!! Oh and if anyone has lost a black/white cat...it's around Voorhees Mall.


RE: Stop crying about uggs

I saw you... being the voice of reason.....not really. All you did was state your reason for wearing them and made it seem like just because that's your reason, it is the best possible one. Then you went on to say that other people's opinions have no merit. Seriously? What kind of pretentious a** are you? It's people like you who make Wayne Brady have to choke a *****!

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